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A.P. Aristeiguieta

Semicolon; Life goes on from a differect perspective

Semicolon; Life goes on from a differect perspective

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A story based on true events. This book is an interpretation of a teenager and the power of her dreams where she connected with a three year old boy through these dreams full of love and the magic that exists when we connect on a deeper level with someone else. Nothing happens "just because", everything has a reason and mostly come when we need to learn something, in this case she was taught how fragile humans can be, but also the strength we can find within ourselves at the time of overcoming the most challenging times of our lives.

Reviews: I must say when I first started reading this book, it brought me to a time of my life i thoughts had somehow forgotten. The more I read the more I connected with Amy. My childhood was filled with tragedies, should as an abusive father. I to was sent to a special school. I like Amy ,to felt like I was unloved and unwanted. My dreams were so vivid I felt more alive inside them than in my reality. I like Amy had to learn to live again. I to surfer from seizure. The thing I love must about this book is that it help to relive life is worth living even without those people we lost. Thank you for sharing your book with me. I hope to read more of your work soon.

Summry: Amy, a rebellious teenager fails to commit suicide and ends up in the ICU sharing rooms with Tito, a three year old Jewish boy in a coma after a drowning accident. Through Amy's dreams a surreal interactions, Tito helps Amy get her life back together and understand the true meaning of life from a different perspective. He was drowning in a pool while Amy was drowning in a mind full of suicidal thoughts.
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